LED Solar Street Light

Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)
Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)
Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)
RUNWIN IP65 Integrated LED Solar Street Lights, is integrated solar led street light, easy to install.60 watt LED solar street light no wiring is required to reduce costs, be energy-saving, and be environmental. Charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, and no power failure on rainy days. At the same time, it has a motion sensor that supports all on and all off mode and constant on working mode,it is remote control solar street light. All these functions and characteristics are more in line with the policies and trends of energy conservation and environmental protection. Runwin take great pride in offering a highly customized integrated solar street light, providing flexibility and outstanding performance for a variety of lighting applications. Whether it's urban roads, suburban lanes, parking lots, or industrial areas, our customized integrated solar street light can meet your lighting requirements.The hallmark of customized integrated solar street lights is their adaptability. These lighting solutions can be tailored to match project requirements precisely. Whether it's the luminosity, installation location, charging time, or battery capacity, customization ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.Many customized integrated solar street lights come equipped with intelligent control systems that automatically adjust brightness according to ambient light levels.
  • Product Details
  • Wattage (W)



    ABS Plastic



    Voltage (V)

    Solar panel 6V/Battery 3.2V





    Lumen efficiency (LM/W)


    Color temperature (K)




    Energy class



    Outdoor with pole


    2 years



    Optional advantages

    Mono-si solar panel + Lithium battery
    Daylight + PIR motion sensor
    Working time 10-12 hours, 2 rainy days

    What kind of battery does this take?

    Runwin integrated solar street light uses a LifePO4 Lithium battery.

    Runwin 60 watt led solar street light use monocrystalline cell with a high conversion efficiency rate up to 21%.

    What solar cell does this take?

    Does this integrated solar led street light has a sensor function?

    Yes, IP65 LED Solar Street Light has a PIR sensor.

    Yes, the remote control of 60 watt led solar street light is optional. 60 watt led solar street light is a remote control solar street light.

    Can this light be operated by a remote controller?

    IES Angle Diagram

    LED integrated Solar Street Light IES Angle Diagram

    Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)

    Solar street lights factories offer customized solar street lights,RunwinCustomized Integrated Solar Street Lights can be tailored to your project's needs. Whether you require specific light fixture wattage, solar panel capacity, battery type, or lighting duration, Solar street lights factories can accommodate your needs.Our Customized Integrated Solar Street Lights come with an integrated smart lighting control system that adjusts lighting brightness in real-time based on ambient light levels, saving energy and prolonging battery life.

    The 60W IP65 LED integrated Solar Street Light is a cutting-edge outdoor lighting solution that seamlessly combines a 60-watt LED light source with integrated solar panels. Engineered to withstand tough environmental conditions, its IP65 rating ensures durability and water resistance, making it ideal for various outdoor applications.

    The advantages of the 60W IP65 LED integrated Solar Street Light are numerous. Firstly, 60 watt led solar street light harnesses solar energy, reducing reliance on conventional power sources and promoting eco-friendliness. 60 watt led solar street light integrated design eliminates the need for separate solar panels, saving space and installation costs. Additionally, the 60W LED provides bright and efficient illumination, enhancing safety and visibility in streets, pathways, and other public spaces.

    The price of the 60W IP65 LED integrated Solar Street Light is influenced by several solar street lights factories. These include the quality of materials used, technological features, production scale, and additional functionalities like motion sensors or remote control. Customization options, such as mounting accessories and installation services, can also impact the overall cost. To gain a detailed understanding of pricing and explore tailored solutions, feel free to consult our experts at solar street lights factories. We're dedicated to providing you with comprehensive information and assisting you in choosing the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs.

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