Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Best emergency lamps for home is professional battery-backed lighting provided in the event of an emergency situation where a loss of power results in the failure of the normal illumination.For this range we have emergency lights and portable work lights to meet both needs of an emergency situation in the building or outdoor.

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Emergency Lamps For Home Product Advantages
  • Professional And Reliable Components

    RUNWIN emergency lighting products are equiped with professional and reliable components. Big capacity battery stores the power for the operation during emergency situation and garantees 90min, 120min, 150min, 180min working time . Emergency module (driver) transits the input to charge the battery and controls the operation of light. Test button allows professionals to simulate a power output for the test of light. Charging indicator is a small LED light that indicates the light fitting is actively being charged or already fully charged. With these components, RUNWIN emergency lighting have good performance during emergency cases.

    Professional And Reliable Components
  • Portable Working Lights

    RUNWIN portable working lights are good supplment for the range of emergency lighting. They are perfect for the use of any outdoor emergency cases, like car reparing, hiking, fishing, and camping. Most of them are rechargeable with 5V USB input, easy to carry, and can work for more than 8 hours for illumination, they would be your good outdoor partner.

    Portable Working Lights
Runwin-One of The Best Emergency Lamp Suppliers In China
Runwin-One of The Best Emergency Lamp Suppliers In China
Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions
As a professional led lighting manufacturer and factory, our positioning is to be a customer’s technical, production, after-sales, R&D team, quickly and professionally provide various lighting solutions to solve various lighting problems encountered by customers. Our customers only need to do a good job in the sales of LED lamps, the other things such as controlling cost, lighting design & solutions, and after-sales, we will help customers deal with it in order to maximize customer benefits.
  • Where should emergency lighting products be used?
    Emergency lighting should be installed in almost all public buildings.also some emergency work lights are used when we organize a camping or some places without power supply.
  • Should emergency lighting be on all the time?
    Emergency lighting should always be connected to its power supply.If they are maintained they will be switched on and off just like a normal light fitting, but they will have an additional live supply (called the permanent live, which is un-switched) whose function is to keep the batteries fully charged. If they are non-maintained, they will be only switch on in the event of a power failure.
  • What distinguishes Runwin from other lighting manufacturers and retailers?
    Quality: We have an exceptional team of in-house engineers, designers, and lighting experts that create every product to meet or exceed the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Fixtures are constructed of the most durable materials, using the highest quality LED light sources, and precisely engineered optics. Most products carry a lifetime warranty. Other companies fall short of these exceptionally high standards. Price: Since we design, manufacture, and distribute the products directly to the consumer, there are tremendous cost savings. We pass these savings onto our customers. Our prices are up to 75% less than other companies of similar quality. Support: Unlike other companies, we have in-house lighting specialists at the phones 7 days-a-week. They are experts in all our products and can give advice on what to buy and can walk you through your orders if needed. Our ecommerce website is simple to navigate and includes videos and articles to teach you how to use our products.
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  • Led emergency lamp price?
    If you want to know led emergency lamp price, please contact our customer service.
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