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5 Year Warranty LED Street Light (Pharos)
5 Year Warranty LED Street Light (Pharos)
5 Year Warranty LED Street Light (Pharos)
RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light: Illuminating Efficiency and Brilliance Experience the cutting-edge innovation of the RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light - a revolutionary solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technology with impeccable design. With its unique secondary optical design, this white LED street light achieves precise light irradiation without any light diffusion, further enhancing lighting efficiency. The RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light boasts a luminous efficiency of over 110lm/W, leaving ample room for future developments and advancements. Compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, the luminous efficiency of the Pharos LED Street Light exceeds all expectations. Unlike high-pressure sodium lamps, which require increased power to improve luminous efficiency, the Pharos LED Street Light consistently outperforms with a stronger overall luminous efficiency. Bid farewell to dim and inefficient lighting with the exceptional color rendering properties of the Pharos LED Street Light. Boasting a color rendering index (CRI) of over 80, it delivers vivid and lifelike illumination, a stark contrast to the meager CRI of approximately 23 found in high-pressure sodium lamps. The advantages of the Pharos LED Street Light extend beyond its superior efficiency and color rendering capabilities. From the perspective of visual psychology, this LED street lamp allows for an average reduction of over 20% in illuminance compared to high-pressure sodium lamps. Its gentle yet powerful illumination not only enhances safety and visibility but also creates a more pleasant and comfortable environment for pedestrians and drivers. Durability is a hallmark of the RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light. With less than 3% light decay over a year of usage, it remains resilient even after a decade of operation, meeting stringent road requirements. In contrast, high-pressure sodium lights experience a substantial decline of more than 30% in just one year. When you choose the RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light, you can rest assured that you're investing in a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution, backed by a 5-year warranty. But that's not all - at RUNWIN, our commitment to lighting excellence goes beyond street lights. Explore our extensive range of LED lighting solutions, including the energy-efficient LED track light series. Whether it's the 20W, 15W, or 50W LED track light, you can count on top-tier performance and unmatched brightness. As a leading LED track light supplier, we offer an array of designs to suit various preferences, such as the sleek Round Panel LED Track Light, the versatile Twist Ball LED Track Light, and the practical Foldable Wall Lamp. Transform your outdoor spaces with eco-friendly and innovative lighting solutions like the LED Solar Garden Light, designed to harness the power of the sun to efficiently illuminate your gardens and pathways. In conclusion, when it comes to high-quality lighting solutions that combine efficiency, longevity, and impeccable design, the RUNWIN Pharos LED Street Light stands out as the ultimate choice. Illuminate your surroundings with brilliance and step into a future illuminated by innovation. Choose RUNWIN - lighting the way to a brighter tomorrow.
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  • Wattage (W)



    Die-casting aluminum



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    Lumen efficiency (LM/W)


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    Energy class



    Standard street light interface


    5 years


    CE/RoHS/New ERP

    Optional advantagesl


    What is the light decay of this LED street light?

    1000 HRS light decay less than 5%,class I.

    Due to the increasingly fierce price war, the price difference of products with almost the same appearance, structure and function is 2-3 times. Many users are confused for a moment. Therefore, it is better to choose LED street lamp supplier with their own good production sources or complete led detection equipment, so that the LED street light will be more guaranteed

    how to choose a good white led street lights supplier?

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    white led street lights IES Angle Diagram

    5 Year Warranty LED Street Light (Pharos)

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