Solar Lighting&Energy Storage

Solar Lighting&Energy Storage

As we continue to strive towards providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions, we are pleased to engage ourselves in solar lighting and a new world of energy storage industry.
We understand the challenges that many of our customers face with regards to access to reliable power. Runwin, with a positive attitude, hoping to try our best and create something possible.

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Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)

Integrated LED Solar Street Light (Mars)
RUNWIN IP65 Integrated LED Solar Street Lights, is integrated solar led street light, easy to install.60 watt LED solar street light no wiring is required to reduce costs, be energy-saving, and be environmental. Charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, and no power failure on rainy days. At the same time, it has a motion sensor that supports all on and all off mode and constant on working mode,it is remote control solar street light. All these functions and characteristics are more in line with the policies and trends of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Runwin take great pride in offering a highly <a href=""><strong>customized integrated solar street light</strong></a>, providing flexibility and outstanding performance for a variety of lighting applications. Whether it's urban roads, suburban lanes, parking lots, or industrial areas, our <a href=""><strong>customized integrated solar street light</strong></a> can meet your lighting requirements.The hallmark of <a href=""><strong>customized integrated solar street lights </strong></a> is their adaptability. These lighting solutions can be tailored to match project requirements precisely. Whether it's the luminosity, installation location, charging time, or battery capacity, customization ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.Many <a href=""><strong>customized integrated solar street lights </strong></a> come equipped with intelligent control systems that automatically adjust brightness according to ambient light levels.
Solar Power Lights For Outside Product Advantages
  • High Efficiency Solar Panel & AAA+ Battery

    Solar panel and battery are the key components of solar lighting. RUNWIN solar lighting products are equiped with high efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar panel, with conversion rate more than 21%, it guarantees a quick collection of solar energy during daylight hours. For the battery part, we use preferred AAA+ battery, large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) ensures the working time to be more than 12hours a day, and work for two consecutive cloudy or rainy days.

    High Efficiency Solar Panel & AAA+ Battery
  • 0 Wiring, 0 Electricity Bill, 0 Maintenance Cost

    RUNWIN solar lighting products are easy to be installed anywhere, they are off-line products without the need of any wire connection, and also free of electricity bills during long service life, what's more there won't be any maitanance cost. Therefore RUNWIN solar products would be a good lighting solution for country roads, parks, gardens, especially perfect for islands, villages, prairies, which is far from city.

    0 Wiring, 0 Electricity Bill, 0 Maintenance Cost
Runwin-One of The Best Solar Power Lights For Outside Manufacturers in China
Runwin-One of The Best Solar Power Lights For Outside Manufacturers in China
Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.
IT IS IN Runwin's DNA
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Frequently Asked Questions
As a professional solar power lights for outside manufacturer and factory, our positioning is to be a customer’s technical, production, after-sales, R&D team, quickly and professionally provide various lighting solutions to solve various lighting problems encountered by customers. Our customers only need to do a good job in the sales of LED lamps, the other things such as controlling cost, lighting design & solutions, and after-sales, we will help customers deal with it in order to maximize customer benefits.
  • How do solar lights work?
    Solar-powered lighting works with a solar panel that collects the sun's energy during the day and stores it in a rechargeable battery.A solar lighting system consists of various components, including an intelligent controller that prevents the solar panel from overcharging the battery bank.When there is no longer any energy from the sun and automatically turn the light on using a portion of the stored energy in the rechargeable battery.
  • Can the lights still work when it's a cloudy day?
    Yes,it can still work even if it is a cloudy day,the energy may not such sufficient compare with the sunny day.But the solar panels continue to charge the batteries,and the system is designed to work for at least four days without sun.
  • What distinguishes Runwin from other lighting manufacturers and retailers?
    Quality: We have an exceptional team of in-house engineers, designers, and lighting experts that create every product to meet or exceed the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Fixtures are constructed of the most durable materials, using the highest quality LED light sources, and precisely engineered optics. Most products carry a lifetime warranty. Other companies fall short of these exceptionally high standards. Price: Since we design, manufacture, and distribute the products directly to the consumer, there are tremendous cost savings. We pass these savings onto our customers. Our prices are up to 75% less than other companies of similar quality. Support: Unlike other companies, we have in-house lighting specialists at the phones 7 days-a-week. They are experts in all our products and can give advice on what to buy and can walk you through your orders if needed. Our ecommerce website is simple to navigate and includes videos and articles to teach you how to use our products.
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