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RUNWIN was founded in 2005. Since its establishment, Runwin led industrial lights factory has been committed to making its own contribution to the development of industrial exterior lighting. With the rapid development of the world economy, the energy contradiction has become increasingly prominent, and the popularity and development of LED lighting products, have eased the problem of power shortage and high energy consumption. In the future, LED intelligent lights and LED solar lights will make greater contributions to the sustainable development of mankind. RUNWIN will keep pace with the times and develop with our customers and staffs together.
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Runwin-Lighting Expert (中环提炼,供于参考)

The success of runwin Lighting on the market is the result of the know-how accumulated and developed over the years as well as high qualifications of employees.We like what we do, which allows us to create a unique atmosphere in the company that translates into the results achieved.As a manufacturer of LED lighting, we place great emphasis on reliable measurements of lighting parameters and a favorable price / quality ratio of our products.(中环提炼,...
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    We know the lighting industry inside out

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    Trusted by customers around the world

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    Light up every corner of the world

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  • -RUNWIN led industrial lights factory laboratory built as TUV Rhein's standard enables products to have good genes at birth.

    -100% material inspection before production to control the quality at the first step.

    -Scientific and Efficient Management system comply with Advanced Equipment to guarantee product quality and delivery time.

  • -Private product design and development: RUNWIN has industrial designer, electronic engineer and mold maker with that we can provide customized product services

    -Product agency service: RUNWIN has professional testing equipment and technician can assist customers in quality testing of products from other lighting suppliers.

    -Logistics Service. RUNWIN logistics center is rich in experience and resources. We can assist customers to provide various transportation services in China and abroad.

  • -As a permanent member of NingBo Lighting Association, RUNWIN cooperates with other lighting enterprises to make contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection in the world.

    -RUNWIN provides a healthy and comfortable working environment and welfare treatment for all the staff. We also set up a love fund for the employee's parents.

    -RUNWIN promises to donate 1 cent to society for each lamp sold.

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