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Lamps Color Rendering Index Knowledge Popularization
 Dec 01, 2022|View:340

Lamps and lanterns are essential products in life, life, study and work are needed everywhere, LED lamps are also the most widely used in daily life. Now people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of light, especially in blue light harm, glare, stroboscope and color rendering, so let's talk about the color rendering of lamps and lanterns.
In the LED lamp flood today, many manufacturers of lamps and lanterns do not pay attention to the importance of color rendering index. Therefore, when buying lamps and lanterns, we need to pay more attention to this problem.

Question, the following fruit is placed in front of you, which one would you choose?


Obviously, the fruit on the left looks more appetizing, so why does the fruit on the left taste better?

In fact, this is the color rendering index (CRI) difference. The degree of verisimilitude of fruit color is called CRI.

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has set the Illumination rendering index at 100 and defined 15 test colours, denoting R1-R15 respectively. An index value of 100 is best when comparing the light source with the specified reference light source.

R9 is the ability of color rendering index to display red, and special attention should be paid to the value of R9 when purchasing LED light source lamps.

Why is R9 so important?

The higher the R9, the more lifelike the effect of fruit/flowers/meat irradiation, and the better the restoration of the ruddiness of human skin.


Runwin strictly controls the CRI of lamps when producing lamps. The Outdoor category of Economic LED Floodlight , commercial category of Led Mirror Wall Light and industrial category of Integrated LED Batten are all greater than or equal to 80.

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