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LED lighting basic terminology explained
 Dec 01, 2022|View:363

LED size

0603, 0805, 1210, 5050 refer to the light emitting elements used on the LED strip -- LED dimensions (British/metric), the following is a detailed description of these specifications:

0603: converted to the metric system is 1005, that is, the length of the LED component is 1.0mm, width is 0.5mm. Industry abbreviation 1005, British name is 0603.

0805: Converted to metric 2125, that means the length of LED components is 2.0mm, width is 1.25mm. Industry abbreviation 2125, British name 0805.

1210: the metric system is 3528, that is, the length of the LED component is 3.5mm, the width is 2.8mm. Industry abbreviation 3528, British name is 1210.

5050: This is the metric term, which means that the length of the LED component is 5.0mm and the width is 5.0mm. Industry abbreviation 5050.

Color temperature

The color temperature is below 3300K, and the light color is red to give a warm feeling; Have steady atmosphere, warm feeling., commonly known as warm color temperature. The color temperature is in the middle of 3000-6000K. There is no obvious visual psychological effect under this tone, and there is a refreshing feeling. So called "neutral" color temperature. When the color temperature exceeds 6000K, the light color is blue, giving people a feeling of cool and clear, which is generally called cool color temperature.


CD (Candela), the basic unit of luminous intensity, the candela is one of the basic units in the INTERNATIONAL system of units.

Generally LED lights with different colors will have different luminous intensity, commonly used in the unit is MCD, or millicandela. The higher the number, the more luminous it is, the brighter it is. This is an important indicator to assess the brightness of LED lamps. The higher the brightness requirement, the more expensive the lamp. This is because high-brightness LED chips are more expensive, and the higher the brightness, the more difficult packaging.

Beam angle

It refers to the luminous Angle of LED lamp with LED component. The luminous Angle of SMD component is 120 degrees. The larger the luminous Angle, the better the astigmatism effect, but relative, its luminous brightness is reduced accordingly. Light Angle is small, the intensity of light is up, but the irradiation range will be reduced. Therefore, another important indicator to evaluate LED lamp belt is the luminous Angle.

LED characteristics

1. High efficiency and energy saving: compared with the same brightness, 3W LED energy-saving lamp consumes 1 KWH of electricity for 333 hours, while ordinary 60W incandescent lamp consumes 1 KWH of electricity for 17 hours, and ordinary 5W energy-saving lamp consumes 1 KWH of electricity for 200 hours.

2. Long life: semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, the service life of up to 50,000 hours (ordinary incandescent lamp service life is only 1,000 hours, ordinary energy-saving lamp service life is only 8,000 hours).

3. Health: light health light contains less ultraviolet and infrared light, less radiation (ordinary light line contains ultraviolet and infrared light).

4. Green environmental protection: does not contain mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, conducive to recycling, ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead and other elements.

5. Vision protection: DC drive, no stroboscope (ordinary lights are AC drive, will inevitably produce stroboscope).

6. High optical efficiency: The highest light efficiency of CREE laboratory has reached 260LM /W, and the single high-power LED on the market has broken through 100lm/W, made of LED energy-saving lamp, due to the power efficiency loss, the light pass loss of the lamp cover, the actual light efficiency is 60lm/W, and incandescent lamp is only about 15lm/W, good quality energy-saving lamp is about 60lm/W, So overall, THE light efficiency of LED CFLS is equal to or slightly better than that of CFLS.

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