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2022 Best Indoor Lighting design--Without main lamps
 Nov 28, 2022|View:308

Lighting is the soul of space, good lighting arrangement can improve the style of space. Recently no main lamp design has become the mainstream of the home lighting design.This design use auxiliary lighting and local lighting make space have administrative levels. But how to design it? Here are three simple lamps easy to design home lighting design.


Downlight is a good option for no main light design . Its light is scattered and downy, can build household atmosphere easily. Additional, of downlights put a position very flexible, can better match each other with the light of other source. It is suitable for any space. For traditinal downlights are mostly made of metals, due to metal price kept rising, the price doesn't have reduction space. So we launched RUNWIN GU 10 downlight frame, adopted plastic with anti-fire material, cheaper but high quality.


2. Spot light

In commercial lighting, spot lights can highlight the display of objects; In home, spot lights can highlight overall decorations and improve overall aesthetics.

Different from downlights, spot lights can freely change the irradiation Angle, forming the changes of light and shadow levels, so that the atmosphere of the space is richer. And spot light can promote the dimensional feeling that lives in very well.

To meet more different needs, RUNWIN plastic LED spot light could adjust range, you could control it on the points like wall washer light.


3. LED strip light
The installation of lamp belt generally adopts hidden installation mode. Its main action is to draw the outline of dimensional atmosphere, also be to decorate what say on see the light not to see the design of the lamp. The lamp belt has very low position requirements and can be installed almost anywhere.If you want more color for strip lights, welcome to look our RUNWIN WIFI Music Smart Strip Kit!remote control approval, different color for your choice!

Generally speaking, when the embedded lamp belt is hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground, it can outline the outline of the space and increase the effect of the space level. Strip light is used for the side cabinet or wardrobe to enhance the texture and style of the space and provide convenience for the taking of items.


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