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RGB Smart WIFI LED Bulb (Smart bulb)
RGB Smart WIFI LED Bulb (Smart bulb)
RGB Smart WIFI LED Bulb (Smart bulb)
White IP20 Smart LED Bulb is an innovative light source that combines technology, fashion, and interest. It can be controlled through intelligent devices, providing convenient and customizable lighting experiences. With the ability to connect to mobile phones or computers, users can remotely adjust the brightness and color of the LED bulb. Our LED bulb factory in China specializes in manufacturing these cutting-edge smart LED bulbs, incorporating advanced technologies for seamless connectivity and control. Additionally, these smart bulbs can be programmed to achieve maximum energy savings, allowing users to schedule specific times for power-off, further enhancing efficiency and sustainability. With our commitment to quality and technological advancements, our LED bulb factory in China produces smart LED bulbs that offer superior functionality and user-friendly experiences.
  • Product Details
  • Wattage (W)






    Voltage (V)






    Lumen efficiency (LM/W)


    Color temperature (K)

    2700K-6500K + RGB



    Energy class



    E26/E27 base


    2 years



    Optional advantages

    CCT + RGB + Dimmable
    WIFI / Bletooth-Beacon / WIFI + Bluetooth
    Tuya / Amazon Alexa / Google Home

    How should we choose a smart bulb?

    First, the smart bulb needs to meet the basic function of bulb lighting. Usually, the lighting performance of a lighting bulb is measured mainly from the aspects of brightness, color rendering, light source radiation, heat dissipation, and so on.Second, Generally speaking, the overall workmanship of a high-quality smart bulb is exquisite, and every detail fits perfectly. Only in this way can the smart bulb be used for a long time.Third, the Smart bulb realizes remote control through mobile phones, which changes the traditional electric control. The switch-mode of the lamp makes the control easier. At the same time, the operation stability of the intelligent module also needs to be higher.

    YES, we welcome sample orders to test and check quality.

    Can I have a sample order for an White IP20 Smart LED Bulb?

    How many ways can a light bulb be controlled?

    There are three ways to control it. Beacon connection, Bluetooth connection, WIFI connection, and remote control.

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