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High power lamp LED Bulb (T Lamp)
High power lamp LED Bulb (T Lamp)
High power lamp LED Bulb (T Lamp)
Runwin LED high power T80, T100, T120, and T140 are new type of LED bulbs with much bigger dimension and higher wattage compared with regular A shape bulbs. This High power lamp LED Bulb type usually comes with a number that will indicate the size. At the moment, Runwin has T80, T100, T120, and even T140 with power from 20W to 50W. The number after T indicates the diameter of the bulb. If you buy a T140, you'll get a LED bulb that measures 140mm of diameter and 50W of wattage.
  • Product Details
  • Wattage (W)






    Voltage (V)

    220-240V AC





    Lumen efficiency (LM/W)


    Color temperature (K)




    Energy class



    E27 E40 base


    2 years



    Optional advantagesl

    What are the applications of these T lamps?

    These high power T lamps are perfect for garage, warehouse, workshop lights, which are mounted high under ceiling.

    There’s aluminum heat sink inside the plastic housing for heat dissipation, so the working temperature will be within tolerance.

    As the wattage of these lamps are high, will they get too hot during work?

    Do you have similar bulbs with higher power?

    Yes, we have other models which could reach more than 100W, the housings are different.

    IES Angle Diagram

    High power lamp LED Bulb IES Angle Diagram

    High power lamp LED Bulb (T Lamp)

    High wattage LED bulbs are powerful light sources that utilize Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to produce intense illumination. These bulbs are designed with higher wattages compared to traditional LEDs, making them ideal for applications where brightness is paramount.

    The advantages of high wattage LED bulbs are multifaceted. They deliver exceptional brightness while consuming less energy, ensuring cost-effective operation. Their longevity surpasses incandescent or fluorescent alternatives, reducing replacement frequency. High wattage LEDs are environmentally friendly, emitting minimal heat and no harmful substances.

    These bulbs find diverse applications, such as industrial spaces, stadiums, outdoor area lighting, and photography studios, where abundant lighting is essential. Their instant start-up, customizable colors, and focused beams enhance lighting design possibilities.

    Characterized by efficient heat dissipation mechanisms and durable materials, high wattage LED bulbs are designed for longevity. Installation involves fitting them into compatible fixtures, following manufacturer guidelines. Routine maintenance includes keeping the bulbs clean and checking for any signs of damage. Replacing them is infrequent due to their extended lifespan.

    high wattage LED bulbs combine intense brightness, energy efficiency, and durability, making them invaluable for various high-illumination scenarios. Proper installation and maintenance ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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