Portable Power Station

D5 2000W Power Station
D5 2000W Power Station
D5 2000W Power Station
  • Product Feature
  • √ 15 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices
  • √ Suited for Various Appliances
  • √ Ways to Recharge Easily
  • √ Safety with Excellent BMS
  • √ Pure sine wave output stable without damage
  • √ Temperature-controlled heat dissipation
    • Product Details
    • 15 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices

      2000W Power Station 12 volt Equipped with multiple ports, including three USB-C,six USB-A, four pure sine wave AC port, one DC car port and wireless charge port.

      Suited for Various Appliances

      D5 2000W Power Station 12 volt powers all your imaginable appliances including hot plates, full sized refrigerators, air conditioners and more. It's all ideal - taking your amazing family trips to the next level, adventuring with power to the beautiful unknown, and off-griding to the most inspiring scenarios.

      3 Ways to Recharge Easily

      Runwin K5 Portable Power Station supports different charging methods: wall charging, solar charging, and car charging.

      Safety with Excellent BMS

      The built-in intelligent battery management system technology provides protection against overvoltage, high temperature and short circuits.

      Pure sine wave output stable without damage

      Pure sine wave can provide stable output, improving the efficiency of the machine.

      Temperature-controlled heat dissipation

      The fan is controlled by the AC board temperature.It has four fans, noise less than 40dbl.

      Model No


      Rated Power



      LiFePO4, 675,000mAh@3.2V


      2160Wh(45V, 48Ah)

      Inverter Type

      Pure Sine Wave(2000W Continuous, 4000W Surge Max)


      AC Output(x4):110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz
      USB-A Output(x6):5V/2.4A*4, QC 18W*2
      USB-C Output(x3):5V2.4A*2, PD 65W*1

      Vehicle Charging Output(x1):12V/10A, 120W max
      Wireless Charge Port


      AC Input:1500W
      Car Charge:12V/24V,12A
      Solar Charge:12V-50V/12A,400W(Max)

      Operating Temp


      Charging Temp




      Product Size





      15 months

      Can D5 2000W Power Station be recharged while charging other devices the same time?

      Yes, you can use the D5 to charge devices, while it's being re-charged at the same time. However, it is scientifically NOT recommended because it will decrease the battery life cycle.

      Yes, D5 has a built-in MPPT controller, improving the conversion efficiency of solar energy.

      Does D5 2000W watt Power Station include a built-in MPPT controller?

      Can the battery inside be replaceable?

      No. If the battery pack is faulty or even dead, please contact Runwin Customer Service.

      To check the charge level of the D5, refer to the LCD Battery Display.

      How do I know the D5 is charged?

      Why is there sound when using?

      The product adopts an air-cooled system, and the built-in fan helps the product to cool better. Slight noise when using is normal.

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