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IP54 CCT Plastic LED outside bulkhead Lights (Kongfu)
IP54 CCT Plastic LED outside bulkhead Lights (Kongfu)
IP54 CCT Plastic LED outside bulkhead Lights (Kongfu)

Tai chi Kungfu is the historical product of China's splendid culture for thousands of years. It is rich in connotation and profound in content. Tai chi Culture is deeply rooted in the vast and profound fields of Chinese traditional philosophy, traditional Chinese health preservation, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional aesthetics and other disciplines. Today, our designer inherit the Tai chi concept, combine it with lighting field, and create this IP54 plastic LED CCT outside bulkhead Lights. Not strong light, but with the Tai chi spirit of soft and rigid, in the dark night gave us warmth and strength. Former led bulkhead products normally with IP20 and single color temperature, while this IP54 plastic LED CCT outside bulkhead Lights can reach IP54 waterproof which means it can be safely used in outside also. CCT function brings a convenient and optional experience for the users and also reduce the stock for the sellers. This excellent IP54 12 volt square CCT Plastic LED outside bulkhead Lights Tai chi type is designed by RUNWIN R&D department,which has round or oval appearance, CCT and PIR sensor function optional. Different kind of colors is suitable for any application such as Warehouse,stairs,corridors, etc.

  • Product Details
  • Wattage (W)



    Full excellent PC base and PC cover


    White/Black/Dark grey

    Voltage (V)






    Lumen efficiency (LM/W)


    Color temperature (K)




    Energy class





    2 years


    CE/RoHS/New ERP

    Optional advantagesl

    CCT adjustable/PIR sensor+ Photocell

    Does this series of bulkhead have ordinary function model?

    No, it doesn’t. This IP54 plastic LED CCToutside bulkhead Lights are designed with CCT function. If you need ordinary function, please refer to our other styles.

    Yes, it can. First, we use full PC materials, which can withstand high temperature and prevent discoloration; second, this product can reach IP54, which is no problem for general outdoor use.

    Can this series of products withstand the harsh outdoor environment?

    What are the advantages of CCT function in this product?

    First, CCT function can meet the requirements of clients who want to use different color temperature in different scenes. Customers can adjust the color temperature by themselves. Second, it can effectively reduce inventory for wholesalers. CCT is the trend of lighting industry in recent years.

    Yes. This IP54 plastic LED CCT outside bulkhead Lights is our private new mould.

    Is this IP54 12 volt CCT LED outside bulkhead Lights product a private mould designed by your company?

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