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What are the causes of LED lamp damage under normal circumstances?
 Apr 04, 2023|View:489

LED floodlight because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, and other characteristics, the market demand is growing. But in People's Daily life, due to improper use, resulting in the life of LED projection lamps becomes shorter, so what are the common causes of LED projection lamp damage?

Runwin summarizes several causes of LED lamp damage for your reference:

LED lamp damage

1.Supply voltage rises suddenly and surge increases.

2.The short circuit of one of the components or other wires in the line causes the local short circuit of the LED power supply path, making the voltage increase in this place, welding spot loosening.

3.Some LED lamps because of their quality damage result in short circuits, and their original voltage is transferred to other LED lights. The internal resistance of the LED lamp changes, and the voltage distribution on the LED lamp is uneven.

4.The temperature inside the lamp is too high, so the characteristics of the LED lamp become worse; Lamps internal local temperature rise too fast; High temperature during welding or soldering.

5.There is water inside the lamp, and water is conductive, and the accumulation of hot air inside the closed lamp will cause the water to turn into steam or fog.

The above common reasons for LED lamp damage are concluded from the problems encountered by Runwin engineers in practical work.

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