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How to save electricity for lighting
 Mar 24, 2023|View:433

Lighting fixtures are the most frequently used small appliances, although it does not consume as much electricity as refrigerators and air conditioners, in the long run are also a considerable expense. Save electricity from "small" to start, today together with learning lighting power-saving tips!

First, it is recommended to use new high-efficiency and energy-saving LED lamps and lanterns.

Using high-quality materials and high-lumen LED chips, Runwin LED T-shaped lamps bring more green energy into our lives with high brightness and low energy consumption, they save 85% of energy than incandescent and HPS lamps.

PC lamp cover

Second, improving the environment can effectively save energy.

When the lamp has not been cleaned for a long time, the lamp and reflector will accumulate a lot of dust, resulting in lower output efficiency. It is recommended that the lamp be cleaned regularly every three months in case of power failure to ensure the output efficiency of the lamp.

Third, power saving requires a little "wisdom"

The smart lighting fixtures will automatically adapt to dimming and turn off the lights according to the light intensity to reduce unnecessary power loss.

Fourth, the use of sunlight

When it comes to electricity, we need to cut back as well as cut back! Sunlight itself is a valuable resource, if we can maximize the use of sunlight, it will be able to effectively alleviate our electric energy shortage!

RUNWIN also has LED solar street lights. Charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, and no power failure on rainy days. At the same time, it has a motion sensor that supports all on and all off modes and constant on working modes,it is remote control solar street light. All these functions and characteristics are more in line with the policies and trends of energy conservation and environmental protection.


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