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 May 15, 2023|View:456

Nowadays,LEDs have become normal products for people lighting.However , what difference between LEDs and other lights. RUNWIN find it through testing, conclusions are drawn in the report.

There is a quick and easy way to look at the colors of light produced by each bulb.If we pass the light from the bulb through a diffraction grating. different colors of light will be bent different amounts. This will allow us to see which colors a bulb produces.

Here are 4 spectra produced by the four bulbs (200 W,60 W, compact fluorescent, and LED).

SpectrumLED light bulbs

We should do a more complete investigation with better equipment, but you can still see the difference.The LED has about 5 different discrete colors where the other bulbs have continuous color distributions. Actually,we are sort of surprised that the compact fluorescent gives fairly continuous colors-we can't even tell which spectrum is for that

bulb. However, the LED still produces colors in the same range. When you look at it, it mostly appears white and that's a good thing.

Is there anything else that is important about the LED bulb? Yes. there is one other major factor-lifespan. Do incandescent bulbs last forever? No. There are two problems with the incandescent bulb. First, if you shake them too hard, the fragile filament inside can come loose. Without an attached filament, you have no current and no light.

Second air can leak into the bulb over time. If enough air gets into the bulb, the filament will burn instead of just glowing.This causes the filament to melt and then you again have no light.Fluorescent bulbs also have a limited lifespan. In order to excite the gas inside the tube you need a high voltage created from an electronic ballast. If this ballast gets too warm, it stops functioning. Also there can be a problem with the gas in the tube-you can't let it leak out.

The LED is just a solid state device-no gas needed. Shaking it won't really do too much to it either. Of course it still has some electronic components (probably and AC to DC converter).