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Development status of global solar lighting in 2023
 May 15, 2023|View:483

The main types of solar lamps include solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, solar street lights, solar landscape lights, etc., which can be widely used in courtyards, residential areas, tourist attractions, roads and other places. In addition to these lightings, Runwin has LED solar flood light, solar wall lamp and solar strip light.

 LED solar flood light

Overview of solar lighting industry:

At present, the production base of solar lighting products is mainly concentrated in China. China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain from the manufacturing of solar cells and LED light sources to the integrated application of solar cells and LED technology. And Chinese enterprises have taken the majority share of the world photovoltaic lighting market.

Solar lawn lamp segment Overview:

Solar lawn lamp is the most widely used in the solar lighting industry, accounting for more than 50% of the solar lighting market. With the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction measures in a larger scope and depth, people's awareness of energy saving will become more and more profound, and more traditional lights will be replaced by solar lights, opening up a new market in the past blank market.

Solar lawn lamp segment

In addition, Runwin's solar lightings continue to innovate and evolve to provide customers with more suitable lighting for the market.