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593,000 cases of illegal lighting were investigated in Saudi Arabia
 Nov 28, 2022|View:313

In recent days, Several Saudi government agencies inspected warehouses selling lighting products in five specific areas of the region to ensure that the lighting products in circulation complied with Saudi Arabia's local energy efficiency codes and standards for the products.

The seizure resulted in 593,000 non-compliant products, three non-compliant warehouses and 124 warehouses that met Saudi-approved codes and standards related to energy efficiency of lighting products.

The illegal behavior is without Saudi card of energy efficiency of lighting products, with the color card (black and white) lighting products, lighting products with Saudi energy efficiency card but no qr code, with the European card but no Saudi lighting products of lighting products with as a label instead of printed label, and lighting products with Saudi energy efficiency labels but the label is blurred, torn or illegible.

In related circumstances, local agencies in Saudi Arabia continue to conduct spot checks on warehouses selling water heaters. 47 warehouses were investigated and 5 of them were illegal.

Due to the electricity costs are so high in Saudi Arabia,traditinal halogen bulbs less than LED bulbs, so LED lights are popular in Saudi Arabia.


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